Ignite Your Health

Ignite Your Health with Aromatherapy

Would you believe that you can improve your health with aromatherapy?

Our sense of smell is so important. We unconsciously lean on it for more things than we realize.

Part of it is from our ancestral days when we smelled food to see if it was safe to eat. Another part is that it connects us with our past.

So how does scent help you with your health?

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is using smells or scents to provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

There are three ways to get these lovely scents into your nose. The first is a direct inhalation. The second is using a diffuser. And the third is a topical application.

Some people use essential oils for direct inhalation such as eucalyptus oils to aid with a headache.

Diffusers can be plugged into an electrical outlet. Others can use a candle to provide the heat source that warms up the oils and diffuses the scents.

My favorite way to use a topical application of aromatherapy is by getting a massage.

Food could even be a form of aromatherapy. Have you ever walked into a house and smelled cookies or spiced cider and immediately felt happier?

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But How Does It Work?

Scent has been an important part of our lives for millennia. We needed to be able to smell if food was still good or if it had spoiled. And do I need to mention pheromones?

The scent triggers something in our brains. It could trigger a memory both positive and negative. Aromatherapy can also affect our limbic systems. Also positive as well as negative.

I mentioned feeling happy and relaxed at smelling cookies baking. But have you noticed how your body naturally recoils if you smell something that’s not good?

You aren’t really even in control of your own body when it happens.

That’s the power of aromatherapy.

How Should You Use Aromatherapy?

You can use aromatherapy to boost your mood or to help you relax or a myriad of other ways.

Some people add essential oils to skin care products or purchase ones that are already infused. It can be a delight using a shower gel or shampoo with a burst of orange when you’re waking up in the morning.

You can ease stress and tension by setting up a diffuser with lavender oil.

When you have a cold or are congested, you can look for blends with peppermint and eucalyptus. Then in your shower, you can put a few drops in your hand, and rub them together to warm the oil. Then inhale and enjoy.

Bath Oil

When you mix essential oils with what’s called a carrier oil, you can make your own aromatherapy bath oil.

Common carrier oils are jojoba, olive, sweet almond, avocado, grapeseed and argan. You use them to protect your skin. Sometimes the essential oil may settle in one spot on your body and aggravate your skin.

There are many recipes out there for you to try. Here’s a very simple one.

Mix 2 ounces of the carrier oil with 20 drops of an essential oil. Then store in a glass bottle. Use approximately 7-8ml in each bath.

Body Scrub

You can make a refreshing body scrub out of all kinds of bases including salt, sugar, and oats.

There are many recipes out there on the internet. One simple one is to mix 1/4 cup sea salt or Epsom salt with 10 drops of oil total (you can blend). Mix it well and store in a jar. Then let it sit at least 24 hours.

When you’re ready to use, mix 1/4 cup of the salts with either a carrier oil or water to make a thick paste. It takes approximately 2 to 4 tablespoons.

Then enjoy gently scrubbing away your troubles.

Just be aware as to how the ingredients will affect your body. And be careful of any sores or wounds.

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Simple Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

I want you to dive in and really enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy to improve your mood and overall health.

Don’t Buy Perfume Oils

Perfume oils are not the same thing as essential oils and won’t offer the same healing benefits.

If you enjoy using them, then go for it!

Just know that you won’t get aromatherapy benefits like you would with essential oils.

Buy Quality Essential Oils

There are a lot of companies out there selling what they claim are essential oils.

Unfortunately, many times they aren’t pure.

Go with high quality companies like InnerOrigin who ensure you’re getting the highest quality.

Store Your Oils Carefully

To prevent your oils from breaking down, make sure they’re in a dark glass, and keep them in a cool, dark place.

You could buy a nice wooden box from a craft store and keep your oils in it. Then you can carry the box around with you in your home.

Learn About the Oils

Spend time learning about the essential oils and how they can help you. Be aware of any safety issues. You will especially want to be cautious if you’re pregnant or have a known medical condition.

Also some oils may be harmful to pets.

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Healing With Aromatherapy?

Did you know you could heal old scars and stretch marks with a sage essential oil?

But you don’t want to use too much since it can be toxic.

That’s why I caution you to know what you’re using, and how to use it wisely.

You can heal acne with lavender oil or tea tree oil. Some people recommend wetting a cotton ball and then putting the oil on it so your skin doesn’t get the full strength.

You can calm anxiety by smelling lemon balm.

There are many “ancient remedies” out there. It may be a better way of healing your small ills instead of carrying them around with you.

Just remember to learn what you can about putting together blends, and how they may affect your body.

My Final Thoughts

When we keep fresh flowers in our homes, that’s a form of aromatherapy. And do you like having fragrance diffuser in your home?

We can change our mood in the briefest of seconds with one smell. It works faster then any of our other senses.

So keep some high quality essential oils around your home for when you need to heal with aromatherapy.

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