Ignite Your Wealth in 2019

If you’ve been reading along for the past year, you’ve been developing some solid habits to truly ignite your life and achieve the happiness and success that you deserve.

If you’re just joining me for the first time, then I wish you a warm Welcome!

I believe a happy life is a balance of a variety of areas like your health and your soul. A positive mindset can aid you in every area. It’s good to focus on one area at a time and really stretch yourself a bit. Find a smaller goal in one area, and set up a plan to achieve it.

You can use the categories to the right to see the posts related to the different areas. Or just dive in and come along with me for a fun journey.

Review How You Did in 2018

You can’t improve that which you don’t know, right?

Just like last year, it’s good to get a full snapshot of where you’re at right now. There’s no judgement.

And it’s just some numbers. Plus, you can pretend you’re an investigator looking for patterns.

If you haven’t done this before, skip to the next section.

Where Did You Succeed?

If you wanted to increase your savings or pay down some credit cards, and you did it, then it’s time to celebrate.

If you wanted to understand your investments better, and you did, congratulations!

Compare what you wanted to achieve with what you did achieve and then reward yourself.

Where Did You Miss the Goal?

If your goal was to pay down some debt, and you didn’t, did you at least not increase the amount? I think that’s a positive. You learned how to manage your money well enough such that you didn’t increase it.

Were there any expenses that popped up that were unexpected like an illness or something broke down?

Or is it possible you made the plan but weren’t really motivated to achieving it.

Sometimes we have Life Lessons come at us from different places. If you felt like the year was tough, spend some time meditating and journaling and see if you can identify the lesson.

Maybe you need to say no to others so you can say yes to yourself.

Creating Your Plan for 2019

If you haven’t done so already, gather up your current statements and see what your balances are today. Some people use online programs like Mint.com to track spending. You can find other sites in this article by Good Financial Cents or this article by Kiplinger.

You can use the websites to help you come up with goals, or you can create your own.

You can use the websites to help you come up with goals, or you can create your own.

The important thing is to make them SMART goals which I talked about last week.

Make the goal achievable with a little bit of stretch room.

What Is Wealth

Let’s take a quick step backwards for a second. I opened up talking about money which isn’t really the same thing as wealth. It’s part of being wealthy, but there are other facets to look at.

For example, to one person, being wealthy may mean having a few million in investments to support an easy retirement. For another person, it may mean owning a home on the beach free and clear.

You need to think about what wealth means to you personally.

And it’s important to let go of other people’s definitions of wealth. You’ll never be truly motivated to achieve a goal that isn’t meaningful to you.

Also, if you have a good definition of what wealth means to you, it also makes it easier for you not to buy things that aren’t going to move you towards that goal.

If you’re saving up to purchase a home, you won’t want to spend the money on jewelry or a large holiday because you’ll be focused on finding and buying that dream house.

It doesn’t mean you can’t buy the holiday later on. It just means you’re delaying it while you work on your priority.

The Empowered Wealth Mindset

There are a few simple things you can do to adjust your mindset to improve your wealth.

Don’t spend more than you make

This will make sure you always have abundance and avoid debt.

Believe in the Law of Attraction

When you focus your mindset on abundance, you’ll see more opportunity around you to increase your wealth.

Pay off your debts

Try to pay off debt quickly. You lose so much in interest payments, and you have more freedom of choice when you’re living debt free.

Invest in Assets

You’re an asset as well. So make sure you’re investing in your self.

Be open to new Ideas

Wealthy people are always open to new ways of doing things. Think about how dramatically our lives have changed with the internet and cell phones. You can order something from InnerOrigin directly from your smart phone and it will be delivered to your door.

Set goals and choose strategies

Start with one year goals. Where would you like your finances to be in a year? Then figure out the strategy that will work best for you.

Some people like to live more careful financially. Others look for ways to increase their income.

Figuring out your next step is the best way to get momentum. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by knowing exactly how you’ll get there. Just know what the next step should be, and then plan when to do it.

Keep visualizing a successful future

It’s important for you to believe that you’ll achieve your dreams. So keep spending some time every day visualizing yourself as having successfully achieved the goal.

Have a plan for the tough times

If you’ve spent some time reflecting on the past year, you probably identified some times which were rough. Maybe you were unhappy and went out and spent your savings on a nice outfit.

Or maybe you went out to dinner at a place that was beyond your budget but you didn’t feel comfortable speaking up.

What would you tell your past self now?

And don’t forget to review your goals regularly so you know where you want to go and why.

Finally, have a support system in place to help you get through the tough times and recover and learn from any mistakes.

One friend of mine texts her husband when she’s tempted to spend money on the little things when she’s trying to save up for a holiday. She knows her husband will always say “Do you really NEED that?” which was the agreed upon phrase so they wouldn’t feel like he was saying No all the time.

My Final Thoughts

There is more than enough wealth in this Universe for everyone to get what they want. We all ultimately want different things.

We don’t run out of air because other people inhale. There’s plenty of air for us all.

Learn to be a master of your finances. Create one goal for yourself this year and work every day towards achieving it.

You will appreciate the benefits of learning self-discipline.

Finally remember that wealth isn’t always money. Having lots of money won’t make you wealthy.

True wealth is about abundance in relationships, finances, and health.

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