Mastering the Millionaire Mindset

In prior posts, we’ve talked about a success mindset as well as blasting through procrastination.

This week, let’s dive deeper into what makes a successful millionaire mindset.

They have the same number of hours a day that we do. So how can we achieve the same success?

Read on and learn about the millionaire mindset.

Have A SMART Goal

Before we get started, let’s step back and mention how important it is to craft goals that are SMART

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Acceptable
  • Realistic
  • Time Frame

If you desire more money, you will more likely achieve your goal if you specify how much money. Or perhaps you want to increase your sales goals.

Choose exactly what you want to achieve. And also limit it to one thing at a time.

Some people say “Achievable” instead of “Acceptable.” The bottom line is you need to evaluate if you have the tools, resources, or skills needed to achieve your goal.

If not, perhaps you need a goal of acquiring them.

A realistic goal is one that you have the ability of attaining. If your goal requires you to work 24 hours a day, it’s not realistic. The same goes for running in a marathon and you missed the deadline to register.

The time-frame will be specific to the goal. You may have weekly goals that push you towards your monthly goal and ultimately your annual goal.

Be Mentally Organized

When you are organized mentally, you have your daily systems to get your tasks done more efficiently. And these can be every task from those at home to those at work.

You’re able to evaluate an item’s purpose. Is it something you should do? Should you delegate it? Or is it’s purpose better served being tabled for awhile.

Let’s say you have a teenager who can’t find a shirt. It may be best for you to continue with what you’re doing and let them rage around until they remember that they washed it, and it’s still in the dryer.

You need to balance the purpose with your priorities. If something is not harmonious with your priority, you may not want to take it on.

If your group is looking for volunteers to mentor junior members, it may not align with your manager’s priorities for you. But it may be perfect for your purpose in life to help others. And then you may choose to make it your priority.

What offers you value, and where can you offer value?

Keep Balance In Your Life

Maintaining the perfect work/life balance every day is impossible.

Give up the idea that you have to have it be perfectly 50/50 and accept that some days may pull you more way than another.

The key to maintain a healthy balance is to watch for trends. If you’re spending too much time at work, then you need to find a way to pull back and make adjustments.

Make Time for Yourself

If you just happen to have a large workload, but you know that it will be over with in a few weeks, schedule time off so you can be unbalanced in the personal area and catch up on life.

Start a journal full of ideas for both work and play. Then look at how you can schedule both.

Perhaps there is a skill you want to acquire for work like a programming language or a certification. But you don’t have time right now due to commitments at home. Don’t lose track of those goals.

Keep It Separated

Decide what your boundaries are for both work and for home. Then be vigilant not to let them cross.

It’s not always easy, but you will be happier if you can keep work at work and home at home.

And most importantly, learn how to say “No” and stick to it.

Celebrate and Reward Your Successes

I don’t think we do this nearly enough.

You give yourself an amazing dopamine reward when you cross an item off your list. When you do something special to reward yourself for achieving a goal, you’re reinforcing this positive feeling.

And that helps boost your motivation.

It can also promote your self-confidence when you say that you achieved your goal.

The reward should be meaningful to you. And it should reflect the importance and size of your goal.

If you have a weight-loss goal, you may prefer a massage or a new outfit over an elegant dinner out.

If you attained a certification that took a year of hard work, then you will want some major reward. Perhaps you can take yourself for a long weekend on holiday somewhere fun.

Keep Improving Your Skills

When you choose your goals, make sure you stretch a little bit. Find a goal that makes you learn a new skill or continues to build on your existing ones.

You may think you’re too busy to add something else in, but believe me it is worth it.

Learning how to take a step back can often give you a large leap forward.


There are many training classes out there that you can engage with for a period of time each week.

You no longer have to take a week from work to travel somewhere for training.

The key to making this work is being consistent, and scheduling it like an important meeting.

Don’t take shortcuts either. Don’t think you know something. Make sure you do. Then it’s easier to build on top of the foundation.


Networking is essential. It’s important to stay in touch with current and former coworkers and friends.

And I don’t mean logging on to Facebook to see who got a new kitten or job.

You never know who you’ll meet who can help you. Plus, you never know when you’ll find an opportunity to help others.

It reinforces what you’ve learned and builds up your self-confidence and authority.

Spend about an hour each week reaching out and catching up with people. LinkedIn can be a wonderful tool for helping you find and connect with others.

Know That You Will Achieve It

You need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will achieve your goal.

Eliminate all your negative thoughts. You can use NeuroLinguistic Programming or the 5 Second Rule or a number of different methods to clear the negativity.

But get it out as soon as it comes in.

I often enjoy Harv Eker’s tool of saying “Thanks for the feedback” and then getting back to what he was doing when the negative thoughts creep in.

You can also keep journals of your negative thoughts as well as your achievements. Review the achievement journal regularly and realize how much you can do.

Never underestimate yourself. You do have the power to reach your ultimate success. Just remember to take it a step at a time.

My Final Thoughts

When you can set goals and achieve them, it has a powerful impact on your whole person.

You suddenly feel smarter and more motivated to keep going.

Then that leads to more successes.

So if you want a millionaire mindset, start achieving small goals today, and build them up. In a year, you’ll look back at how much you’ve achieved and how much better you feel about life.

Just remember that everyone gets off track occasionally. The best thing you can do is remind yourself of your goal and get back to achieving.

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